Bowling is the 31st episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

It starts off with Dewey being in trouble and has to go to bed. Then Malcolm and Reece have to go to this bowling party but it shows 2 story lines one with Hal taking them and one with Lois. When Lois takes them they get there straight away but with their dad he can't find it right away but eventually gets there. Lois starts screaming asking where their parents are but they weren't there so she's staying there. With Hal he gives them money and goes away from there so he wouldn't embarrass them. With Lois Malcolm is doing terrible at bowling and is getting humiliated with his mum giving him a little kids bowling bowl. Reece is having a good time talking to this girl and is getting along with her till Malcolm does a really bad throw and he laughs so she leaves him. With Hal Malcolm is doing great at bowling and is hanging out with the girl after Reece did a bad joke to her. Reece gets jealous and throws a bowling bowl to hit Malcolm but misses and hits this big guy and he starts chasing Reece. Meanwhile, at the house, Dewey can't get passes Lois, which is in control of the situation, but with Hal he takes advantage of his dad and watches R-rated films on T.V. even though he is punished. When Hal is bowling, he is very close to getting 300 with using his technique but Malcolm and the girl go behind the pins to make out but Malcolm gets pulled in by the machines and on his dads last bowl to get a perfect game Malcolm hits the pins and no body cares that he got 300 because of Malcolm. So Lois and the kids and Hal and the kids get home and to each other they say next time you take them.

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